HI my name is Chris , myself and my wife Jenny got into showing and breeding cavies as a hobby through our son Nathaniel who has his own cavy stud. Our passion is Agoutis mainly Silver but we also have Lemons and Cinnamons.

Our goal is to become one of the premier Agouti breeders in Australia.

We wouldn't have been able to start our adventure without the help of some wonderful people, our dear and close friend Andree from Pigs Can Fly and Graeme and Heather Rosenow from River Rose who started us off with our first cavies and sound advice.

Since starting in the fancy we have made numerous friends , travelled the countryside.

This is our second year now and we have been going from strength to strength , we have now started our breeding program and so far have had good results on the show table with cavies from our first two litters

If I can offer any advice to anyone just starting out is to attend as many shows as you can , ask as many questions as you can, make as many friends as you can and enjoy your hobby as much as you can and anything that you may want to achieve in the fancy will soon follow. Please feel free to browse our website and enjoy.

Chris and Jenny

This is our lovely Silver Agouti River Rose Ohio who won Reserve in Show , she is now retired

This is our first River Rose Kodiak , without the help of Heather and Graeme we may have never got started , whilst Kodiak was a bit older it gave us the opportunity to learn to groom and show , and of course he is of good quality , he is now retired and is one of our main breeders.

RIP 12/06/2014

Our Lovely Boy , you will never be forgotten

Crested Silver Agouti

Double Champion Pigs Can Fly Tianhui 

Here is Pigs Can Fly Einstein from our dear and close friend Andree without her help , I am sure we wouldn't be were we are today in the fancy. Andree's passion , determination and eye for detail is amazing.
And a special thanks to Sallyanne and Karl , Sallyanne gave us a start with a lovely self buff , who unfortunately is no longer with us. Sallyanne introduced us to people in the fancy for which we are truly grateful and Karl his friendship and support go without saying.